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MS Internet Information Server 5.0 Administration


Our MS Internet Information Server 5.0 Administration test measures your knowledge of the process to administer Microsoft's Internet Information Server. Designed for experienced Web Administrators, this test focuses on the specifics of the MS Internet Information Server rather than broader concepts covered in the Web Server Administration test. This test covers the following topics: Architecture, Computer Hardware, Internet Services, Networking, Resource Availability, TCP/IP, Web Development Languages, Windows DNA, and Windows System Administration.

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Test Outline

Administrative Tools
ISAPI Filters/Extensions
Pool Objects
Thread Management
Transaction Server
Web Applications
Computer Hardware
Computer Hardware Installation
Hardware Performance Metrics
Hardware Requirements for Performance
Solution Analysis Impact
Internet Services
Certificate Server
E-mail Relay Node
File Transfer Sites
New Groups
Web Sites
Server Cluster
Server Replication
Resource Availability
Help Files
Resource Kits
Technet Knowledge Base Queries
Connectivity Issues
Web Development Languages
ASP Pages
HTML Pages
Other CGI Scripts
Windows DNA
Distributed Multi-tier Architecture
Integrated services
Windows System Administration
Accounts, Groups, Policies, Dir Services
Disk Storage Administration
Events, Processes, Resources
System Maintenance