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MS Office 2010 Fundamentals


Our Microsoft Office 2010 Fundamentals test measures your knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. Test topics in MS Word include Layout and Formatting, Revising and Printing, and Standard Word Functions. Test topics in MS Excel include Data Entry and Manipulation, Formulas, Functions and Charts, and Navigating Excel and Printing. Test topics in MS PowerPoint include Creating, Editing, and Managing Presentations, Navigating PowerPoint and Help, Slide Setup, and Publishing Presentations. Test topics in MS Outlook include Mail Management and Message Organization, Address Book, Schedules and Calendars, and Navigating Outlook and Printing.


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Test Outline

MS Word 2010
Word 2010 Layout & Formatting
Word 2010 Revising & Printing
Word 2010 Standard Word Functions
MS Excel 2010
Excel 2010 Data Entry & Manipulation
Excel 2010 Formulas, Functions & Charts
Excel 2010 Navigating Excel & Printing
MS PowerPoint 2010
PowerPoint 2010 Navigating Powerpoint & Help
PowerPoint 2010 Creating, Editing, Managing Presentations
PowerPoint 2010 Slide Setup & Publishing Presentations
MS Outlook 2010
Outlook 2010 Mail Management & Message Organization
Outlook 2010 Address Book, Schedules, Calendars
Outlook 2010 Navigating Outlook & Printing