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MS Outlook 2000 Fundamentals


Our MS Outlook 2000 Fundamentals test is part of our fundamentals line of business applications tests. This test demonstrates that you have the skills necessary to proficiently use the most popular business applications at a user level. These tests are focused on the topics used daily by most professionals and do not include some of the advanced topics and skills found in our core business applications tests. This test covers the following topics: Address Books, File Functions, Folder Usage, Folder Views, and Outlook-Overall.

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Test Outline

Address Books
Outlook Address Books
Personal Address Books
Personal Distribution Lists
Folder Usage
Calendar Usage
Contacts Usage
Deleted Items Usage
Drafts Usage
Inbox Usage
Journal Usage
Notes Usage
Outbox Usage
Sent Items Usage
Tasks Usage
Folder Views
Calendar Views
Contact Views
Deleted Items Views
Drafts Views
Inbox Views
Journal Views
Notes Views
Outbox Views
Sent Items Views
Tasks Views
Outlook - Overall
Basic Outlook Concepts
File Functions-Autoarchive
File Functions-Importing/Exporting
Folder List Concepts
Information Services
Menu Navigation
Offline Folders
Outlook Shortcut Bar
Outlook Today
Remote Mail
Setting up Profiles
Web Browsing With Outlook