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MS PowerPoint 2000 Fundamentals


Our MS PowerPoint 2000 Fundamentals test is part of our fundamentals line of business applications tests. These tests demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to proficiently use the most popular business applications at a user level. These tests are focused on the topics used daily by most professionals and do not include some of the advanced topics and skills found in our core business applications tests. The core test in this area is our MS PowerPoint 2000 test. Our MS PowerPoint 2000 Fundamentals test includes the following topics: Charting and Tables, Editing Text, Setup and Preparation, Slide Creation Graphics, and Slide Show Effects.

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Test Outline

Changing Colors
Chart Formatting
Chart Types
Data from Excel
Text Formatting
Editing Text
Change and Replace Text Fonts
Changing Font Attributes
Exporting Text
Find and Replace Text
Import Text from Word (Outline)
Promote and Demote Text
Text Creation
Tri-pane View
Use Outlines
Using Spell Check
Print Audience Handouts
Setup and Preparation
Adding Headers and Footers
Adding New Slides
Apply a Design Template
Change Layout for Slides
Change the Order of Slides
Changing Colors
Controlling Slide Shows
Copy Slides
Create a Presentation From A Template
Create a Specified Type Of Slide
Create Handouts in Word
Exploring Toolbar Buttons
Formatting Tables
Importing from Excel
Navigate Among Different Views
Page Setup
Place Holders
Slide Masters
Templates and Wizards
Working with Tables
Slide Creation Graphics
Add Picture from ClipArt
Adding Pictures from File
Adding Text
Apply Formatting
Drawing Tools
Inserting WordArt
Scale And Size Object
Use Color Schemes
WordArt Drawing Toolbar
Slide Show Effects
Animation Timing