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MS PowerPoint 2003


Our MS PowerPoint 2003 test measures your knowledge of MS PowerPoint 2003. Designed for experienced users, this test includes the following topics: Creating Presentations, Editing Text/Objects, Help and Research, Managing and Delivering a Presentation, Menu Bar, Slide Show Enhancements/Changes, Publishing Presentation Documents, Slide Setup & Preparation, Task Pane, and Workgroup Collaboration.

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Test Outline

Creating Presentations
Opening, Closing, Printing, and Saving
Using Auto Content
Using Slide Design Template
Using a Blank Presentation and Other Methods
Views of a Presentation
Editing Text/Objects
Adding and Moving Text
Finding and Replacing Text and Fonts
Move/Copy/Cut/Paste/Paste Special
Text Size, Alignment, Spacing, and Color
Working with Objects
Help and Research
Ask a Question/Help Task Pane
Office Assistant
Managing and Delivering a Presentation
Export Presentation
PowerPoint Viewer and Package for CD
Slide Show Setup and Delivery
Menu Bar
Slide Show
Publishing Presentation Documents
Page Setup
Photo Albums
Printing Slides, Outlines, Handouts, and Notes
Saving and Audience Materials
Slide Setup & Preparation
Exploring Toolbar Buttons
Slide Layout
Working with Masters
Slide Show Enhancements/Changes
Animation Schemes and Custom Animation
Custom Shows
Edit Color Schemes
Format Background
Narration, Sounds and Movies
Slide Transitions
Task Pane
Clip Organizer/Clipart
Navigate Task Pane
Workgroup Collaboration
Adding Comments to a Presentation
Compare and Merge Presentations
Editing, Hiding, Unhiding, and Deleting
Online Meetings/Broadcasts