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MS Publisher 2000


Our MS Publisher 2000 test measures your knowledge of MS Publisher 2000. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Basics, Forms and Tables, Mail Merge, Objects, Office Integration, Page Layout, Printing, Producing Publications, Publisher Help, Templates, Troubleshooting, and Web Publications.


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Test Outline

Customizing Publisher
Publication Design
Forms and Tables
Entering and Editing Data
Working with Tables
Mail Merge
Data Sources
Mail Merge Basics
Object Basics
Sounds and Video
Office Integration
Office Integration
Page Layout
Formatting Characters
Formatting Paragraphs
Page Elements
Color Considerations
Commercial Printing
Printing in Publisher
Producing Publications
Large Publications
Small Publications
Publisher Help
Local Help
Online Help
Creating Templates
Working with Templates
Common Problems
Web Publications
Web Pages
Web Publishing Basics
Web Sites