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MS Windows 98 Navigation


Our MS Windows 98 test measures your knowledge of Microsoft's Windows 98 Operating System. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Control Panel, Customizing the Desktop, General Knowledge, Managing Files and Folders, Printing, Taskbar and Start Menu, Win95 Utilities/Troubleshooting, and Win98 Utilities/Troubleshooting.


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Test Outline

Control Panel
Accessibility Options
Add Hardware/Add-Remove Programs
Desktop Themes
Dial-Up Networking
Disk Utilities
Keyboard, Mouse
Mouse Right-Click Menus
Power Management
Regional Settings/Date - Time
System Monitor/Resource Meter
Customizing the Desktop
Active Desktop
Configuring Taskbar
Creating/Managing Toolbars
Display Settings/Screen Savers
Windows Colors and Fonts
General Knowledge
CAB Files
Dial-up Networking
Keyboard Shortcuts
Mouse Right-Click Menus
My Briefcase
Protecting Computer Access
Recycle Bin
USB Support
Windows Update
Managing Files and Folders
Configuring Explorer Views(Toolbars, Folder Views)
Copying, Moving, Renaming, Deleting
Disk and File Properties
My Computer
Windows Explorer
Adding a Printer
Properties, Modifying Settings
Taskbar and Start Menu
Configuring Start Menu/Program Groups
Startup Folder
Using Find, Run, Help
Win95 Utilities/Troubleshooting
Win98 Utilities/Troubleshooting
Boot Menu
Disk Utilities
Maintenance Wizard
Microsoft System Information
System Monitor/Resource Meter
System/Device Manager/Performance Tab