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Marketing Concepts


Our Marketing Concepts test measures your knowledge of the core areas of marketing. Designed for all professionals, this test covers the following topics: Advertising & Sales Promotion, Buying Behavior, Demographic Decision-Making, Distribution & Channel Selection, Information Analysis, Internal & External Company Evaluation, Market Analysis , Marketing Control Systems, Marketing Plans, New Product/Service Development, Pricing, and Selling Issues.

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Test Outline

Advertising & Sales Promotion
Advertising on the Web
Broadcast Advertising
Choosing a Medium
Choosing a Message
Managing the Sales Promotion Process
Print Media
Promotional Objectives
Promotional Planning/Media Plan
Public Relations
Strategy Decisions
Trade Shows
Using Ad Agencies
Buying Behavior
B2B Decision-Making
B2C Behavior
Buyer-Seller Relationships
Decision Influences
Purchasing Process/Motivation
Demographic Decision-Making
Buyer Problem-Solving Processes
Psychological Influences
Social Influences
Distribution & Channel Selection
Distribution Systems/Strategies
Marketing Channels
Place/Location Decisions
Retailing, Wholesaling & Marketing Logistics
Information Analysis
Budgeting for Decision-Making
Data Analysis
Market Research Techniques
Problem Definitions
Internal & External Company Evaluation
Competitive Environment
Cultural/Social Environment
Economic Environment
Evaluating Company Resources
Political Environment
Market Analysis
Global Market Offerings
Market Segmentation
Target Market Strategies
Understanding Markets
Marketing Control Systems
Cost Analysis
Feedback Processes
Managing the Total Marketing Effort
Performance Analysis
Sales Analysis
Marketing Plans
Plan Development
Use of 4 P's
Marketing Roles
Linking with Other Functions
Marketing as a Business Function
New Product/Service Development
Designing Services
New Product Planning & Development
Product Classes
Product Life Cycle
Types of Products
Pricing Objectives
Pricing Policy
Quantitative Analysis
Selling Issues
Managing a Sales Force
Sales Roles
Selling Relationships
Selling Services
The Sales Process