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MySQL 5.6 Administration


Our MySQL 5.6 Administration test measures your knowledge of MySQL 5.6 Administration. Designed for experienced administrators, this test covers the following topics: Data Manipulation, Data Types, Database Changes, Disaster Recovery and Backup, Installation and Configuration, Modifiers, Performance Tuning, Security, Security Administration, and Storage Engines and Tables.

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Test Outline

Data Manipulation
Administrative Command Line Program
Data Types
Date Data
Numeric Data
Text Data
Database Changes
Create/Drop Database/Table
Optimization Functions
Transaction/Locking Functionality
Disaster Recovery and Backup
Backup Scheduling
Logical Database Dumps
Table Maintenance
Installation and Configuration
Environment Variables
Log Rotation Setup
MySQL Software or Patches
User Accounts
Full Text Search Modifiers
MySQL Specific SQL Statements
Stored Programs
Performance Tuning
Additional Optimizers
Index Condition Pushdown (ICP)
Persistent Optimizer Statistics
Query Optimization Commands
Privilege System-Databases
Privilege System-Operating System
Privilege System-Tables
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Security Administration
Database Object Permissions
Database Permissions
Grant Table Permissions
Security Policy
Storage Engines and Tables
InnoDB Tables
Merge or Partitioned Tables
MyISAM Table