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Oracle Developer 11g


Our Oracle Developer 11g test measures your knowledge of OLAP. Designed for experienced programmers and administrators, this test covers the following topics: Architecture, Building Forms, Business Logic Integration, Database Objects, Form Execution, Forms Objects, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Reports Data Model, Reports Layout Editor, and Reusable Code.

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Test Outline

Connections Process
Forms Listener Servlet
Integration With Other Products And Technologies
Building Forms
Client-side Triggers
Coordinate System
Data Blocks
Data Storage
Layout Editor
Object Navigator
Business Logic Integration
Master-Detail Blocks
PL/SQL Editor
PLL Library
Database Objects
Database Triggers
Error Processing
PL/SQL Interpreter
Stored PL/SQL Objects
Forms Execution
Function Keys
Runforms File Type
Forms Objects
Block Coordination Triggers
Record Groups
System Variables
Visual Attributes
Windows and Canvases
Performance Tuning And Optimization
Table And Index Design
Reports Data Model
Formula, Summary Columns
Links, Joins, Groups
Ordering And Order By
Parameter Form Objects And Run Report
Parameters And Aliases
Query Types
Reports Layout Editor
Boilerplate, Reference Fields
Default Layout
Format Triggers
Matrix, MultiLayout
Regions, Frames
Reusable Code
Name_In And Copy
Program Units
Referenced Objects