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Oracle Financials Rel 11


Our Oracle Financials Rel 11 test measures your knowledge of Oracle Financials Rel 11. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Assets Fundamentals, Basic Journal Entries, Consolidation and Advanced Assets Functionality, Financial Management Setup, General Knowledge, Applied Technology, Multiple-Currencies Accounting, Oracle Applications Integration, Order Fulfillment, and Procurement.

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Test Outline

Assets Fundamentals
Adding Assets from External Sources
Creating Fixed Asset Books
Creating Fixed Asset Parameters
Managing Assets
Basic Journal Entries
Creating Basic Journal Entries
Creating Summary Accounts
Reporting and Analysis Tools
Consolidation and Advanced Assets Functionality
Adding Assets from External Sources
Maintaining Tax Books
Managing Assets
Multicompany Accounting and Consolidations
Financial Management Setup
Assets Process Steps
Creating a Chart of Accounts
Creating a Set of Books
General Ledger Process Steps
General Knowledge: Applied Technology
Basics of Oracle Alert
System Administration
Workflow Concepts
Multiple-Currencies Accounting
Accounting For Foreign and Multiple Currencies
Oracle Applications Integration
Managing Budgets
Reporting and Analysis Tools
Order Fulfillment
Basic Order Fulfillment
Customers and Orders
Basic Purchasing and Receipts
Cash Management
Document Approval and Invoice Entry