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Payroll Fundamentals (UK)


Our Payroll Fundamentals (UK) test is part of our accounting fundamentals line of tests. Designed for payroll clerks and others who handle payroll processing, this test covers the following topics: Accounting for Payroll, Customer Service Skills, Employee Set up and Maintenance, Employee Rights, Outputs and Controls, Payroll Basics, Payroll Calculations, Professional Responsibilities, Statutory Reporting, and Termination of Employment. You will need a calculator when taking this exam.


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Test Outline

Accounting for Payroll
Correction of Errors
Cost Centre and Ledger Codes
Transfer to General Ledger
Customer Service Skills
Communicating with Employees
Communication with Organisation
Office Environment
Responding to Queries
Employee Set up and Maintenance
Authority for Amendments
Contracts and Employee Data
Variations to Employee Data
Worker Status
Employment Rights
Employment of Young Persons
National Minimum Wage
Statutory Payments
Statutory Rights to Time Off
Working Time Regulations
Outputs and Controls
Correction of Errors
External Reports
Internal Controls
Internal Reports
Pay Advices
Reconciliation of Payroll
Payroll Basics
Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions
Pay and Pay Periods
Statutory Orders
Voluntary Deductions
Payroll Calculations
Gross Pay
Gross to Net
Income Tax
National Insurance Contributions
Professional Responsibilities
Corporate Compliance
Data Security, Protection and Confidentiality
Statutory Compliance
Statutory Reporting
Payments to Collector of Taxes
Reporting of Benefits
Retention of Records
Year End Reporting
Termination of Employment
Final Payments and records
Payments after Death
Payments after leaving