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Presentation Skills


Our Presentation Skills test measures your knowledge of the concepts of preparing, delivering, and evaluating a presentation. Designed for any professional who makes presentations, this test includes the following topics: Gathering Information, Learning Material, Pre-Design & Preparation, Presentation Conclusion, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Structure, Presentation Types, Speaking Anxiety, and Types of Visual Aids.

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Test Outline

Gathering Information
Background Materials
Organizing Your Thoughts & Ideas
Use of Materials
Learning Material
Reading from Text
Using Notes
Using Visual Aids
Pre-design & Preparation
Audience Analysis
Mentally Prepared
Physically Prepared
Speaker Characteristics
Presentation Conclusion
Actual Presentation Timing
Handling Difficult Questions
Handling Normal Questions
Modification / Revisions
Presentation Delivery
Body Movement
Dress for Success
Eliminating Verbal & Visual Clutter
Facial Expressions
Humor Use
Supporting Materials
Presentation Structure
Main Message
Transitional Statements
Presentation Types
Impromptu or Extemporaneous
Speaking Anxiety
Causes, Symptoms of Anxiety
Mental Techniques
Physical Techniques
Types of Visual Aids
Computer Projections
Diagrams / Charts
Flip Charts
Overhead Transparencies
Props / Models
The Speaker as a Visual Aid