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Programming Concepts


Our Programming Concepts test measures your knowledge of the core aspects of computer programming that are valid across programming languages. Designed for all programmers, this test covers the following topics: Algorithms, Complex Data Types, Data Access, Productivity and Quality, Program Flow, Program Structure, Programming Paradigms, User Interface, Variables, Data Types, and Operators.

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Test Outline

Analysis and Translation
Searching & Sorting
Complex Data Types
Data Structures
Data Access
Data Sources
Relational Databases
Productivity and Quality
Code Formatting
Program Flow
Conditional Logic
Error Handling
Program Structure
Expressions and Statements
Functions and Subroutines
Variable Declaration and Scope
Programming Paradigms
Compiled/Interpreted Languages
Event-driven Programming
Object-Oriented Programming
Procedural Programming
User Interface
Form / Screen Design
Help Systems
Input Validation
Variables, Data Types, and Operators
Numeric Data