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Project Management (2000)


Our Project Management (2000) test measures your knowledge of how to manage projects to ensure that objectives are completed on time and within budget. This test is based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) version 2000 methodology. Designed for all professionals, this test covers the following topics: Cost Management, General Project Management Principles, Human Resources and Communications Management, Integration Management, Procurement Management, Project Management Processes, Quality Management, Risk Management, Scope Management, and Time Management.

This test reflects the Project Management Institute (PMI) 2000 Standards and Guidelines.

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Test Outline

Cost Management
Cost Budgeting
Cost Control
Cost Estimating
Resource Planning
General Project Management Principles
Key General Management Skills
Project Phases and Life Cycle
Project Stakeholders
Human Resources and Communications Management
Administrative Closure
Information Distribution
Performance Reporting
Team Development
Integration Management
Integrated Change Control
Project Plan Development
Project Plan Execution
Procurement Management
Contract Administration
Contract Closeout
Procurement Planning
Solicitation Planning
Source Selection
Project Management Processes
Process Groups
Process Interactions
Project Processes
Quality Management
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Quality Planning
Risk Management
Risk Analysis
Risk Identification
Risk Management Planning
Risk Monitoring, Response, and Control
Scope Management
Scope Change Control
Scope Definition
Scope Initiation and Planning
Scope Verification
Time Management
Activity Definition
Activity Duration Estimation
Activity Sequencing
Schedule Development and Control