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QuickBooks Pro 2000


Our QuickBooks Pro 2000 test measures your knowledge of the QuickBooks accounting software. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Bank and Credit Cards, Vendors, Items, Inventory and Purchase Orders, Customers and Jobs, Sales and Income, Payroll, Expenses, Time Tracking, Reports and Graphs.

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Test Outline

Import/Export Data
Setting Preferences
Bank and Credit Cards
Credit Card Transactions
Setting Up Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
Writing Checks
Chart of Accounts
Defining Accounts/Entering Balances
Making Journal Entries
Setting Up Budgets
Customers and Jobs
Estimates/Progress Invoicing
Handling Sales Tax
Identifying Jobs
Preparing Invoices
Setting Up Customers
Charging for Actual Time and Costs
Entering and Paying Bills
Inventory and Purchase Orders
Identifying Inventory Items
Purchase Orders
Receiving Inventory
Setting Up Accounts for Tracking Inventory
Identifying Item Types
Setting Up Items
Tracking Reimbursable Items
1099's and W2's
Paying Employees
Paying Liabilities
Setting Up Employees
Setting Up Payroll Items
Reports and Graphs
Memorizing Reports and Graphs
Present Reports and Graphs
Setting Up Your Reporting Preferences
Sales and Income
Cash Sales
Correcting Application of Payments
Receiving and Making Deposits
Refunds and Credits
Time Tracking
Charging Customers for Time
Entering Time Manually
Job Profitability
Making Time Billable
Setting up Time Tracking with Payroll
Categorizing Vendors
Editing Vendor Information
Setting Up Vendors