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Quicken Basic 2000


Our Quicken Basic 2000 test measures your knowledge of Quicken Basic 2000. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Backing Up and Securing Data, Customizing, Exporting Quicken Files, Foreign Currency Management, Installing and Upgrading, Online Banking, Setup and Management of Accounts, Tracking Income, and Expenditures.


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Test Outline

Backing Up and Securing Data
Quicken Backups and File Operations
Quicken Security
Customizing Your Finances Center
Customizing Your Finances Center
Setting Your Quicken Preferences
Exporting Quicken Files
Other Accounting Packages
Tax Information
Foreign Currency Management
Reports in Different Currencies
Setting Up Foreign Currency Accounts
Using Different Currencies
Installing and Upgrading
Custom Installation
System Requirements
Upgrading From Older Versions
Online Banking
Downloading Transactions and Statements
Gathering Mortgage Information
Paying Bills Online
Transferring Funds
Using Online Market Information
Setup and Management of Accounts
Asset Accounts
Checking and Cash Accounts
Investment Accounts and Transactions
Mortgages and Other Loans
Printing Checks
Printing Cheques
Savings Accounts
Transaction Management
Transaction Scheduling
Tracking Income and Expenditures
Budget and Forecasting
Debt Management
Tracking What Money Goes Out (Reports)