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Real Estate Finance (U.S.)


Our Real Estate Finance test measures your knowledge of how real estate lending decisions are made. This test covers the following topics: Qualifying a Borrower, the Property, Legal Obligations, Mortgages, Second Mortgages, Settlement, and Underwriting.


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Test Outline

Legal Obligations
Floats & Lock-ins
Good Faith Estimate & Truth-In-Lending
Transfer of Servicing & Equal Credit Opp. Act
Adjustable Rate Loans
Fixed Rate Loans
Over Equity Loans & I.D.O.T.s
Second Mortgages-Home Equity Loans
Subordinate Financing & Mortgage Insurance
Qualifying a Borrower
Assets - Bank Accounts
Assets - Mutual Funds
Assets - Retirement
Assets - Stocks
Credit - Quality
Credit - Real Estate Loans
Credit - Revolving
Credit - Term Loans
Income - Bonuses
Income - Commissions
Income - Hourly
Income - Salary
Income - Self Employment
Income - Stability
The Property
2-4 Unit Properties
Hazard Insurance
Property Taxes
Single Family Detached
The Hud-1 Settlement Sheet
The Sales Contract
Desktop Underwriter & Loan Prospector
Rental Income/Debt & Appraisal Differences