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SAP BusinessObjects XI


Our SAP Business Objects XI test measures your knowledge of designing, implementing, and maintaining SAP’s BusinessObjects software applications. Designed for experienced developers, this test includes the following topics: CMS Management, Reports Design, Administration, and Test, Security Design and Implementation, System Sizing for Installation, Universe Architecture and Performance, Universe Design, Upgrade and Migration, and Web Intelligence Design.


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Test Outline

CMS Management
CMS Data Replication
CMS System Database Creation
Database Selection
Reports Design, Administration, and Test
Error Handling
Tables, Crosstabs, and Charts
Web Intelligence Query
Security Design and Implementation
Access Levels and Inheritance
Authentication and Authorization
Data Security
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Universe and Connection Security
System Sizing for Installation
CMS System Database Tuning
Scalability and Concurrency
System Requirements
Universe Architecture and Performance
Aggregate Awareness
Linked Universes
Loops in Universe
Universe Design
Development Cycle
Schema Design for Universe
Universe Definition and Documentation
Universe Designer
Universe Integrity
Upgrade and Migration
BusinessObjects Mobile
Environment Upgrades
Service Packs
Upgrade Planning
Web Intelligence Design
Data Sorting, Grouping, and Summarization
Interactive Elements
Query Techniques