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SAS 8.2 (Base)


Our SAS 8.2 (Base) test measures your knowledge of the base package of SAS 8.2. Designed for experienced programmers, this test includes the following topics: Data Aggregation and Reshaping, Data Step Programming Logic, Data Types and Transformation, External Files I/O, Grouped Data and BY-Processing Logic, Reports, SAS Data Set Combination and Modification, SAS Program Organization, Single SAS Data Set Input, and Table Look-Up.


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Test Outline

Data Aggregation and Reshaping
FREQ Procedure
SQL Procedure
Data Step Programming Logic
Automatic Control Flow
Conditional Execution
Explicit Loop Structures
Logical and Boolean Expressions
User-Imposed Control Flow
Data Types and Transformation
Character Expressions
Date and Time
Missing Values
Numeric Expressions
SAS Arrays
External Files I/O
External File Identification
Fixed-Field External Files
List, Modified List, and Grouped Input
Multiple External Files I/O
Variable-Layout External Files
Grouped Data and BY-Processing Logic
BY-Group Identification
BY-Processing Logic
Grouping Methods
SAS Indexes
SORT Procedure
Data Step
Output Delivery System
PRINT Procedure
TABULATE Procedure
SAS Data Set Combination and Modification
Multiple SET Statements
SAS Data Set Crossing
SAS Program Organization
Files Associated with a SAS Session
Inter-Step Data Communication
Meta Control Flow
SAS Procedures by Task
Steps and Boundaries in a SAS program
Single SAS Data Set Input
Basic Data Set Subsetting
Descriptor Information
Direct Access to SAS Data sets
Sequential SET Instruction
Table Look-Up
Array Look-Up
Direct Access (POINT=) Table Look-Up
IN-list and OR-lists
SAS Index Look-Up
User-Defined Informats and Formats