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SEI Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)


Our SEI Capability Maturity® Model Integration (CMMI) test measures your knowledge of SEI CMMI. Designed for experienced users, this test includes the following topics: Implementation, Process Areas for Level 2: Managed, Process Areas for Level 3: Defined, Process Areas for Level 4 and Level 5, Process Components and Overviewing, Relationships Among Process Areas, and Structure.

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Test Outline

Appraisal Requirements and Considerations
Process Improvement Program
Process Improvement Program and Tailoring
Process Institutionalization
Process Areas for Level 2: Managed
Configuration Management
Measurement and Analysis
Process and Product Quality Assurance
Project Monitoring and Control
Project Planning
Requirements Management
Supplier Agreement Management
Process Areas for Level 3: Defined
Decision Analysis and Resolution
Integrated Project Management and IPPD
Organizational Process Definition and IPPD
Organizational Process Focus and Training
Product Integration
Requirements Development
Risk Management
Technical Solution
Validation and Verification
Process Areas for Level 4 and Level 5
Casual Analysis and Resolution
Organizational Innovation and Deployment
Organizational Process Performance
Quantitative Project Management
Process Components and Overviewing
Choosing a Representation
Documentation Standards
Expected Components
Informative Components
Required Components
Relationships Among Process Areas
Engineering Process Areas
Process Management Process Areas
Project Management Process Areas
Support Process Areas
Capability Levels
Fundamental Concepts Underlying Process Maturity
Generic Goals and Practices
Maturity Levels
Process Areas