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Our SONET test measures your knowledge of Synchronous Optical Networks. Designed for experienced telecommunications professionals this test covers the following topics: Frame Format Structure, Benefits of SONET, Overheads, Pointers, SONET Multiplexing, SONET Networking, Standards Hierarchies, Synchronization, and Tributaries.

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Test Outline

Benefits of SONET
Enhanced OAM&P
Multipoint Configurations
Optical Interconnect
Frame Format Structure
STS-1 Building Block
STS-1 Envelope Capacity and (SPE)
STS-1 Frame Structure
STS-1 SPE in Interior of STS-1 Frames
STS-N Frame Structure
Introduction to SONET
Basic SONET Signal
Synchronizing Digital Signals
Line Overhead
Section Overhead
SONET Alarm Structure
STS Path Overhead
VT Path Overhead
Concatenated Payloads
DS1 Visability
Payload Pointers
Positive/Negative Stuffing
STS-1 VT1.5 SPE Columns
Virtual Tributaries
VT Mappings
VT SPE and Payload
VT Superframe and Envelope
SONET Multiplexing
SONET Networking
Network Configurations
Network Elements
Standards Hierarchies
Non-Synchronous Hierarchies
SONET/SDH Hierarchy
Synchronization Hierarchy
Synchronizing SONET
Synchronous vs Asynchronous