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Sexual Harassment Awareness (U.S.)


Our Sexual Harassment Awareness test measures your knowledge of issues that constitute sexual harassment in the workplace. Designed for all employees, this test allows you to demonstrate your knowledge about sexual harassment issues. This test covers the following topics: Conduct of a Sexual Nature, Consequences of Sexual Harassment, Constructive Discharge, Harassment Complaint, Hostile Environment, Liability, Quid Pro Quo, Retaliation, Third-Party Harassment, Unwelcome Conduct, and Workplace Harassment.

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Test Outline

Conduct of a Sexual Nature
Other Forms of Harassment
Physical Harassment
Verbal Harassment
Consequences of Sexual Harassment
Confronting Sexual Harassment
Impact on Co-Workers
Impact on Employer
Impact on Harasser
Impact on Harassment Victim
Constructive Discharge
Intolerable Working Conditions
Resignation Due to Harassment
Harassment Complaint
Follow-up Remedial Measures
Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure
Prompt and Effective Remedial Action
Prompt Investigation
Prompt Reporting
Hostile Environment
Hostile, Intimidating Environment
Hostile, Offensive, Intimidating Environment
Intent versus Impact
Interference with Work Performance
Severe and Pervasive Conduct
Employer Knowledge of Harassing Conduct
Employer Should Know of Harassment
Harassment by Supervisors
Quid Pro Quo
Submission or Rejection Basis of Employment
Submission Term or Condition of Employment
Supervisory Authority
Negative Personnel Action
Nexus Protected Activity and Personnel Action
Protected Activity
Third-Party Harassment
Conduct Not Directed at Complaining Employee
Harassing Conduct by a Non-Employee
Unwelcome Conduct
Equal Participation
Rejection of or Opposition to Conduct
Solicit or Incite
Types or Forms
Workplace Harassment
Offsite Harassment
Onsite Harassment