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Software Business Analysis


Our Software Business Analysis test measures your ability to acquire and understand business requirements for an IT project, develop technical assets in support of that project, and execute such a project in an optimal strategic manner. Designed for senior-level technical professionals, this test covers the following topics: Business Process, Diagramming and Modeling, Documentation, Joint Application Development, Methodologies and Tools, Project Development, Requirements Gathering, System Design, and User Interface.

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Test Outline

Business Process
Functional Decomposition
Process Engineering
Solicit and Specify
Diagramming and Modeling
Data Dictionaries
Data and Flow
System Structure
User Interactions
After Action Reports
Business Requirements
Functional Requirements
Personas, Actors, and Test Cases
Training Needs
Joint Application Development
JAD Outcome
JAD Preparation
JAD Session
Methodologies and Tools
Agile and Waterfall
Process Improvement
Reuse Opportunities
Risk Management
Project Development
Change Control
Release Process
Solution Validation
Requirements Gathering
Prioritization and Scope
Translate Needs to Requirements
Understand Customer Needs
Validate Requirements with Stakeholders
System Design
Build versus Buy
Data Architecture
Systematic Interactions
User Interface
Functional Prototypes
Match Design to Requirements
User Experience Testing