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Sybase 11.X Administration


Our Sybase 11.X Administration test measures your knowledge of administering Sybase 11.X. Designed for experienced administrators, this test covers the following topics: Backup and Recovery, Configuration, Database Devices, Database Objects, Installation, Performance and Tuning, Security, System Procedures, Transact SQL, and User Databases.

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Test Outline

Backup & Recovery
Fault Isolation During Recovery
Keeping Track of Database Changes
Scheduling Backups of Databases
Synchronizing a Database and its Log
Using the Backup Server for Backup and Recovery
Configuring Data
Configuring Memory
Database Devices
Device Information
Database Objects
Automatic Recovery
Use of Clustered vs. Non-clustered
User-defined Data types
Install Additional Thrid-Party Software
Performance & Tuning
Determining/Estimating Sizes of Tables/indexes
Indexing for Performance
Maintenance Activities and Performance
Performance Analysis
Preformance Analysis
Query Optimizer
Query Plans
Discretionary Access Controls
Division of Roles
Managing Adaptive server Logins
System Procedures
Catalog Stored Procedures
Executing System Procedures
Executiong System Procedures
System Procedure Tables
Transact SQL
Concepts & Usage
Concepts & Usage
User Databases
Checking Database Consistency
Creating and Using Segments
Setting Database Options