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Training Delivery and Evaluation


Our Training Delivery and Evaluation test measures your knowledge of the training process from pre-training planning through post-training evaluation of results. Designed for experienced trainers and instructional designers, this test covers the following topics: Direct Laboratory Exercises, Instructing Slower and More Capable Learners, ISD Process Stages, Learning Styles, Lesson Plan Development, Managing Learning Environment, and Test Question Construction.

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Test Outline

Direct Laboratory Exercises
Experiment Sheet
Information Sheet
Job Sheet
Operation Sheet
Instructing Slower & More Capable Learners
Instructional Methods- Slower Learners
Instructional Methods-More Capable Learners
Learning Characteristics -More Capable Learners
Learning Characteristics -Slower Learners
ISD Process Stages
Evaluation Stage
Learning Styles
General Instructional Techniques
Lesson Plan Development
Identifying and Construct Proper Objectives
Lesson Approach (Introduction)
Lesson Summary (Conclusion)
Logical Learning Sequences
Objective Components
Managing Learning Environment
Non Verbal clues
Physical Environment
Reinforcement Techniques
Student Behavior - Offensive Humor
Student Behavior -Apathy/Hostility/Disinterest
Oral Questioning Techniques
Asking Questions
Level of Question
Responding to Questions
Presentation Techniques
Analogies, Anecdotes Examples, Frame of Reference
Fundamental Skills
General Knowledge
Learning Aids
Manipulative Skills
Role Playing
Visual Media
Test Planning
Rating Errors
Rating Methods
Test Question Construction
Multiple Choice