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Unix Korn Shell Scripting


Our UNIX Korn Shell Scripting test measures your knowledge of Korn Shell Scripting. Designed for scripting professionals, this test covers the following topics: Korn Shell Basics, Shell Initialization, Command-Line Editing, Script Creation and Execution, Script Variables, Flow Control, Integer Variables and Arithmetic, Script I/O, Functions, Built-in Script Commands, and Script Debugging.

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Test Outline

Advanced Topics
Relative Efficiency
Signal Handling
Sophisticated Pattern Matching
Using Temporary Files
Built-in Script Commands
Break Command
Continue Command
Description and Operation
Eval Command
Exec Command
Interactive Commands
Command-Line Editing
Enabling and Use
History Mechanism
Flow Control
Case Statement
Exit Status
Filenames and Wildcarding
For Loop
If-Else Statement
Logical Operators and Conditional Tests
Select Loop
While and Until Loops
Integer Variables and Arithmetic
Expressions and Assignment
Script Creation, Execution, and Debugging
Command Precedence
Execution Methods
Set Options
Status Checking
Script I/O
Advanced Redirection Operators
Print Statement
Read Statement
Script Variables
Array Variables
Initialization and Scope
Parameter Substitution
Positional Parameters
Predefined Shell Variables
Shell Initialization
"Dot" Files & Order of Execution
Aliases and Options
Environment Variables