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Virtualization Concepts


Our Virtualization Concepts test measures your knowledge of implementing, maintaining and using a virtualized environment. It is designed for experienced IT professionals, but an average performer in this role should pass this test. This test includes the following topics: Availability, Hypervisor Concepts, Management and Administration, Network Virtualization, Performance Optimization, Storage Virtualization, Virtual Hardware, Virtual Machine Configuration, Virtualization Scenarios.


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Test Outline

Disaster Recovery
Failover Clustering
Fault Isolation
Hypervisor Concepts
Hardware Assisted Virtualization
Hardware Virtualization
Operating System Virtualization
Management and Administration
Backup and Recovery
Live and Quick Migration
Network Virtualization
Network Interfaces
Virtual Local Area Networks
Virtual Switching
Performance Optimization
Resource Scheduling
Virtual Memory
Virtual Processor
Storage Virtualization
Shared Storage
Storage Array Features
Virtual Disks
Virtual Hardware
Operating System Integration
Virtual Machine Configuration
Physical to Virtual Conversion
Virtualization Scenarios
Application Virtualization
Desktop Virtualization
Server Virtualization