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Visual Basic 2008 Fundamentals


Our Visual Basic 2008 Fundamentals test measures your knowledge of programming with VB using the VB 2008 framework. Designed for entry level programmers using Visual Basic version 2008 and other IT professionals who require knowledge of VB as a peripheral aspect of their job. This test includes the following topics: Application Development and Implementation, Data Access, Data Types and Structures, Functions and Modules, Language Operations, Objects and Namespaces, Program Control Structures, and User Interface.


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Test Outline

Application Development and Implementation
Deploying Applications
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Data Access
Files and Data Streams
Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)
Data Types and Structures
Casting and Type Conversion
Collections and Arrays
User Defined Types
Variables and Constants
Functions and Modules
Calling Procedures
Passing Arguments
Procedures and Event Handlers
Variable Scope
Language Operations
Date Manipulation
Logical and Relational Operators
Numeric Processing
String Handling
Objects and Namespaces
Class Libraries
Object and Class Design
Properties & Methods
Provided .NET Classes
Program Control Structures
Conditional Control
Error Handling
Looping Structures
User Interface
Control Choice
Data Validation
Menus, Toolbars, and Navigation
Windows Forms