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WebSphere MQ


Our WebSphere MQ test measures your knowledge of WebSphere. Designed for application engineers, architects, and programmers, this test covers the following topics: Administration; Application Programming; Commands; Intercommunication & Queue Manager Clusters; and MQSeries Concepts, Planning & Installation.

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Test Outline

Events & Security
Local & Remote Administration
Transactions, Restart/Recovery & Prob. Determ.
Application Programming
Error Handling
Message Design
MQSeries Object Design
Alter/Delete Commands
Define Commands
Display Commands
Other Commands
Intercommunication & Queue Manager Clusters
Application Communication & Message Addressing
Concepts, Admin, Aliasing & Load Balancing
DQM & Channel Exits & Problem Determination
MQSeries Concepts, Planning & Installation
Features & Benefits
Installation Requirements
MQSeries Objects
Storage Planning