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Our XHTML 1.1 test measures your knowledge of coding web pages using XHTML. Designed for the experienced coder, this test includes the following topics: Cascading Style Sheets, Forms, Miscellaneous XHTML Issues, Modularization, Multimedia and Objects, Tables, and XML Compliance.

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Test Outline

Cascading Style Sheets
Computed Values and Inheritance
Generated Content and Automatic Numbering
Value Types
Control Elements
Focus and Navigation
Scripting and Form Submission
Cross-Frame Linking and Scripting
Fallback Processing and Alternatives to Frames
Frame Layout
Miscellaneous XHTML Issues
Advantages and Rationale
Deprecations and Other Changes
Ruby Annotation
Advantages and Rationale
Designing for Various Platforms
Using Custom Modules
Multimedia and Objects
Client-Side Image Maps
Embedded Objects
Server-Side Image Maps
Component Elements
Deprecations and Other Changes
Rendering Techniques
XML Compliance
Advantages and Rationale
DTDs and Entities
Structural Changes to HTML Markup