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Technical Help Desk (Microsoft)


Our Technical Help Desk (Microsoft) test measures your knowledge of troubleshooting core end-user problems using common office software in the Windows platform. Designed for experienced help desk professionals, this test covers the following topics: Hardware, Help Desk Operations, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Networking and Connectivity, Operating Systems, PC Peripherals, Software, and System Security and Maintenance.


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Test Outline

Standard Components
Help Desk Operations
Call Tracking
Service Requests
Internet Explorer
Active X Controls
Browser Connectivity Settings
Metro and Desktop Browsers
Privacy Settings
Security Zones
Microsoft Office
File Security
Read Only / Files from untrusted location
Troubleshooting Outlook Problems
Networking and Connectivity
Diagnostic Commands
Domain Join
Gateways and Routing
Mapping Network Drives
Network Connectivity
Operating Systems
Boot Problems
PC Peripherals
External Hard Drives, NAS, and SANs
Internal Hardware Installation
Printer Installation and Configuration
Scanners and Digital Cameras
Troubleshooting Print Problems
USB, Firewire Standards, and Devices
Built-in Applications
File Associations
Fixing Bugs and Applying Patches
Installation and Compatibility Issues
Performance Issues
System Security and Maintenance
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
Automatic Updates
Firewalls and Access Control Lists
Power Management
Registry and Configuration Changes