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MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Administration


Our MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Administration test measures your knowledge of MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Administration. Designed for experienced users and system administrators, this test includes the following topics: Browser, Configuration, Customization, IEAK, Installation, Internet Browsing, Outlook Express, Security and Privacy, and Troubleshooting.


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Test Outline

Error Messages
Image Tool Bar
Keyboard Shortcuts
Status Bar
Web Printing
Advanced Options
Auto Complete
Browser Personalization
Favorites and Cookies
In-browser Toolbars
Proxy Settings
Accessibility Features Customization
Privacy Settings Customization
Search Option Adjustments
Setting up the Profile Assistant
Client/Server Options Configuration
Default Settings
Graphics Customization
IEAK Installation
Installed Components
Browser Installation
Installation Methods
System Requirements
Internet Browsing
Internet Downloading
Internet Searches
Viewing Web Content on Desktop
Web Pages
Web Site Properties
Outlook Express
Account Settings Configuration
Advanced Message Options
Appearance Customization
Error Message Troubleshooting
Mail and Settings
Message Folders Maintenance
Message Rules Creation
Security and Privacy
Content Advisor
Digital Certificates
P3P Privacy
Privacy Features
Security Levels
Virus Precautions
Connection Issues
IE 6.0 Reinstallation
Printing Issues
Temporary Files
Troubleshooting Tools