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Computer Technical Support


Our Computer Technical Support test measures your knowledge of how to set up and maintain a PC. It is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for end-user hardware support. This support could be face-to-face or via a help desk. It is designed for the experienced user, but an average performer in this role should pass this test. This test covers the following topics: Backup and Recovery, Device Support Software, Hardware Components, Hardware Troubleshooting, Network Troubleshooting, New Hardware Installation, Peripheral Troubleshooting, Security, and Biometrics.

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Test Outline

Backup and Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Disk Redundancy and Recovery
Local Backup Methodology
Network Backup Technology
Device Support Software
Disk Management
Drivers and Configuration
Fault Logging and Conflict Detection
Hardware Components
Internal System
Peripheral Devices
Ports and Connectors
Hardware Troubleshooting
Device Updates and Maintenance
Drives and Data
System Startup
Network Troubleshooting
Network Resource Access
Physical Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity
New Hardware Installation
Internal Hardware
Local Peripherals
Network Devices
Peripheral Troubleshooting
Input Devices
Scanners and Imaging Devices
Security and Biometrics
Biometric Devices
Data Security
Security Applications
System-Level Security