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Responsible for performing editorial duties such as proofreading, layout, and content revision of written materials in preparation for final publication. An editor reads and evaluates documents, manuscripts, and other materials and confers with authors regarding changes and publication requirements. A person in this position also reviews copy to detect errors and indicate corrections in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, and syntax using standard proofreading symbols. An editor may also be required to create indexes and write and rewrite headlines, captions, callouts, articles, and other documents to conform to style, editorial policy, and publishing requirements. In addition, editors often design and prepare page layouts.

Required (Select 5)

Product Name/Outline Test Cost
Business Writing $49.95
Editing & Proofing (Chicago Style) $49.95
English Vocabulary $49.95
Spelling (U.S.) $49.95
Written English $49.95

Elective (Select 1)

Product Name/Outline Test Cost
MS Word 2000 $49.95
MS Word 2002 $49.95
MS Word 2003 $49.95
MS Word 2007 $49.95
MS Word 2010 $49.95
MS Word 97 $49.95